The 9th World Water Forum kick-off meeting has brought participants from around the world to Dakar for two days of collaborative work on major water challenges.

Two days of collaborative work on major water challenges

“Africa is rich in natural resources, in land resources and especially rich thanks to the intelligence and energy of its children, women and men living here…For two years Africa, Senegal and Dakar will be the Capital of Water. Let’s use this opportunity… for African voices to be heard,” said the President of the World Water Council, Loic Fauchon, during the opening ceremony with the Minister of Water and Sanitation, Serigne Mbaye Thiam.

Many participants from the whole world met at the kick-off meeting for the 9th edition of the largest international event on water challenges.

Over the course of two days, policy makers, academia, international organisations, civil society and the private sector, contributed with the strength of their ideas and the weight of their experience in the construction of the program for the Dakar World Water Forum in March 2021.

This collaborative work is articulated around the four main priorities of the 9th Forum: Water Security, Cooperation, Rural Development and Means and Tools.

This collaboration will provide the answers that citizens around the world expect to improve their lives and regain their dignity.

The World Water Forum is the largest international event dealing with water challenges around the world. Organised every three years by the World Water Council in collaboration with a host country, the Forum provides a unique platform where the water community and key decision-makers can collaborate and establish long-term action plans.

The Forum brings together participants from all levels and areas, including policy makers, multilateral organisations, academic organisations, civil society and the private sector.