Macky SALL

President of the Republic of Senegal

Rendez-vous with out duty to act

Welcome to "Dakar 2021"!

The global water and sanitation community will meet in Senegal, on March 22-27, 2021, for the 9th World Water Forum, under the theme: Water Security for Peace and Development.

The Senegalese people and their government are honored by the choice of the World Water Council to hold this edition in the land of Téranga, an expression of convivial hospitality for Senegalese people.

By bringing together Governments, the private sector and civil society organizations to strengthen the implementation of actions needed to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 6 (SDG6), the 9th World Water Forum will also provide a platform for expression of other stakeholders (women's groups, youth, farmers, pastoralists and fishermen) and thus contribute to the qualitative transformation of people's daily lives and improving the performance of the productive sectors.

Water plays a vital role in meeting our needs, preserving our environment and developing our countries. Cooperation around water contributes to peaceful coexistence and the preservation of cordial relations between countries sharing transboundary river basins. 

In addition, with the combined effects of climate change and population growth leading to the scarcity of water, it is necessary to address the issue of water from the perspective of promoting peace.

The event is also consistent with the Emerging Senegal Plan (PSE) aiming at the structural transformation of the economy, the promotion of human capital including the reduction of inequalities through access for all to drinking water and sanitation. 

As a gateway to Africa on the Atlantic Ocean, Dakar, the host city for the Forum, is a cosmopolitan crossroads, open to diverse horizons with a long history of hosting world

Dakar 2021 will be part of this long tradition, pending the 2022 Youth Olympic Games. Together, let's mobilize in the spirit of Téranga for the success of the 9th World Water Forum!

Macky SALL