The 10 th World Water Forum is estimated to be attended by tens of thousands participants consisting of panelists and visitors.  From a global perspective, the 10th World Water Forum is the only event that promotes institutional, political, technical, academic and commercial interests related to the Forum’s theme.  Participants of the 10th World Water Forum will be given exclusive access to the Expo. This venue is devoted to state and corporate stands that aim to sell products or services to companies, governments (central and regional), and universities.


The Fair of the 10th World Water Forum is an area with open access and free for public. Interested institutions can showcase their products, services, and solutions to Companies, Consumers, Governments, Communities, and Universities. From social perspective, the Fair can be viewed as an event to present to the public regarding solutions and actions that have been to ensure water quality and sustainable use.


Who Should Join

Cluster Expo

Country Pavilions

  The Pavilion will showcase immersive cultural experiences and discover what make each country unique

Partners Pavilions

Partners of the 10 th World Water Forum. The pavilion will showcase their innovation and world-case expertise



Experience the merging of education, entertainment, and excitement while exploring thematic and Expo-owned pavilions

Special Pavilions   

See how international organizations and civil society  working to address the global challenges related to water-issues

Indonesian Pavillions

As the host country of the 10th World Water Forum, the Indonesia pavilion will be the miniature of our country and a gateway to show Indonesia nation branding: Trade, Invest, Tourism. The Pavilion will showcase the best of Indonesia, its innovation combined with local wisdom while showcasing the country’s ongoing commitment to realize the prosperity of its people and the world.


The Expo and Fair Locations