Immersive Exhibition Road to 10th World Water Forum Showcases the Harmony of Water and Nature

The National Organizing Committee of the 10th World Water Forum national Exhibition opens an immersive video exhibition at Indonesia area Gelora Bung Karno (GBK) in Jakarta from December 1st to December 4th, 2023. This exhibition is free of change and accessible to the public from 9AM to 7PM local time.

The Chairman of the 10th World Water Forum Secretary as well as General Secretary of Ministry of Public Works and Housing (MPWH) Mohammad Zainal Fatah opens the exhibition through appreciating all the stakeholders involved in this event.

"This event must be appreciated because it has interestingly communicated insights about water. Hopefully this exhibition could inspire us to understand water, where the water comes from, and how to manage water sustainably. Public also has a pivotal role in safeguarding water," said Zainal.

Through this exhibition, visitors gain in-depth information about the environment and disasters, local wisdoms in Indonesia, and the worldwide advancements in water technology. The first day of the exhibition was enlivened with the 10th World Water Forum mini talk show about Water for Humans and Nature.

Showcasing 5 Clusters

The road to the 10th World Water Forum immersive exhibition features 5 clusters of topics. Visitors can sequentially explore each of them and experience an exciting lineup of immersive virtual reality adventures related to water and nature.

The first cluster showcases the "Land of Hope" with the visuals of Indonesia's enchanting forests teeming with flora and fauna. This cluster also displays immersive videos about the seas and rivers in Indonesia, along with the activities of the surrounding communities.

The  second cluster invites visitors to be more aware of the hydrology-related disasters. The cluster themed "Start from YOU!" portrays the tense atmosphere of disasters such as floods, droughts, landslides, and forest fires.

After witnessing the impact of hydrological disasters, visitors will learn about water management practices in Indonesia through the third cluster, showcasing the performance of the Ministry of public Works and Public Housing (MPWH) in water management.

Visitors can also enjoy the stunning visuals of 235 dams built by the Indonesian Government until 2023. These dams provide significant potential and benefits, ranging from irrigation to flood reduction and power plants.

Meanwhile, the last cluster serves as a promotional platform for the upcoming 10th World Water Forum event to be held in Bali from May 18th to May 24th, 2023. Indonesia, as the host country of the 10th WWF, invites all stakeholders to participate in this forum.

The 10th World Water Forum Secretary representative Adana Reswari emphasizes that World Water Forum is the biggest international forum in water sector, invites stakeholders from distinguish expertise and generation to address and create solution for water issues.

"Therefore, not only the Government, but all parties can provide aspirations and create innovations in the water sector," said Adana.

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