Indonesia Promotes Pamsimas and Sanimas as Best Practices at the 10th World Water Forum

Jakarta, 23rd January 2024 - The Indonesian government will be presenting a Community-Based Drinking Water and Sanitation Provision Program (Pamsimas and Sanimas) as one of its best practices at the 10th World Water Forum (WWF) which will be held in Bali on 18-25 May 2024.

 This statement was conveyed by Diana Kusumastuti, Director General of Human Settlements, Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (MPWH), at the FMB9 (Forum Merdeka Barat 9) Press Conference, Road to 10th World Water Forum, Tuesday 23 January 2024, in Jakarta.

She explained, "Pamsimas and Sanimas are actual examples of procurement, management and maintenance of clean water based on community empowerment with the full support of the central government in infrastructure development and financing."

"This is also a model of collaboration between the center and regional government and communities in providing adequate clean water as well as in responding to the challenge of stunting in remote villages," she added.

Diana further elaborated that the scope of adequate and safe drinking water and sanitation services in Indonesia is still limited. It also faces several challenges, including the urgency of regulations on water usage and waste management, the effectiveness of regional autonomy and implementation of single tariff in water distribution, climate change and the issues of water resources contamination.  

In order to answer the challenges of providing clean drinking water and proper sanitation, according to Diana, the communities need to actively participate in working together with the government to protect and manage the water sources from upstream to downstream.

She affirmed, "Community empowerment is necessary, one of which is so that people will  have the capacity and willingness to process and manage rainwater (rain harvesting) and use it for daily needs (water recycling), reducing the use of groundwater and shifting to the piped water.”

Target of 100% Clean Water

Director General Diana explained that Indonesia is committed to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) targets, one of which is ensuring access to safe water and sanitation for all.

Meanwhile, data shows that currently access to adequate drinking water in Indonesia has reached 90%. In order to achieve the SDGs target, the government is aligning them with the 2020-2024 

National Medium-Term Development Plan (RPJMN).

This target mandates the realization of 90% access to proper sanitation, including 15% of households having access to safe sanitation, and reducing the open defecation rate to 0% by the end of 2024.

The MPWH together with Bappenas also initiated the proposal on drinking water supply system (SPAM) to achieve the target of installing 10 million house connections by using the existing water treatment installations (IPA).

Regarding the 10th WWF, Director General Diana said that the global Forum is expected to serve as a place to exchange strategies and best practices between Indonesia and other countries.

"It is also hoped that cooperations between countries will emerge, particularly in global and local efforts to provide access to drinking water and sanitation," she added. 

She also emphasized, "It is also necessary to emphasize the importance of water financing and investment in water infrastructure considering that the state budget (APBN) capacity is limited to only 20%."

She concluded that the 10th World Water Forum is expected to be able to build synergies with various stakeholders in addressing global water challenges and solutions through political and regional policies in order to achieve the common goal of water for shared prosperity.

Photo I:

FMB 9 Road to the 10th World Water Forum Press Conference entitled "The Urgency of Access to Drinking Water and Sanitation" with the Director General of Human Settlements, Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing Diana Kusumastuti on Tuesday (23/01). On this occasion, she explained the importance of synergy between central and local governments and the communities in ensuring access to safe drinking water and sanitation.

Photo II:

Director General of Human Settlements, Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing, Diana Kusumastuti, on Tuesday (23/01) explained that under the theme "Water for Shared Prosperity", the 10th World Water Forum invites all stakeholders to take part in addressing global water challenges and solutions.

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