The 78th Public Work Service Day in Indonesia Echoes the Spirits of"Water for Shared Prosperity”

Every December 3rd, officials in the Public Works sector unite in remembrance of Public Work Service Day (Hari Bakti Pekerjaan Umum), commemorating the historic battle at Gedung Sate in Bandung in 1945—a symbol of resilience and sacrifice.

At around 11:00 AM on that fateful day, well-equipped Allied forces (NICA) encircled Gedung Sate, defended by 21 valiant officers from the Public Works Youth Movement.

Undeterred by the siege, these courageous officers refused to yield. With unwavering determination, they fiercely defended their post against the formidable enemy.

The unequal struggle at Gedung Sate concluded at 2:00 PM, leaving 7 PU employees fallen. To this day, their bodies remain undiscovered, but their names—Didi Hardianto Kamarga, Muchtaruddin, Soehodo, Rio Soesilo, Soebengat, Ranu, and Soerjono—are forever etched on memory as the Heroes of Sapta Taruna.

Promotes the 10th World Water Forum

Agustinus Junianto, Head of the National Road Implementation Office (BPJN) in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), affirmed that the pinnacle of the 78th Public Work Service Day would be marked by a ceremony at the BPJN NTT Office in Tanah Merah, Kupang Regency.

This year, the 78th Public Works Day carries the theme "78 Years of Public Works Dedication, Ready to Build the Nation." On this occasion, the 78th Public Works Day also promotes the upcoming implementation of the World Water Forum (WWF) scheduled to take place in Bali from May 18 to 24, 2024.

"Water remains a significant challenge in NTT Province—be it in terms of accessibility, distribution, quality, or managing water-induced disasters. Addressing these challenges requires collaboration between BPJN and Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) Offices in NTT Province," emphasizes Agustinus.

Different from previous events, this year's Public Work Service Day will actively engage the Young Generation of Public Work (GenMud PUPR) as the members of the Committee, providing a platform for the rising generation to contribute to the development process.

Call for Global Collaboration

Indonesia extends an invitation to global leaders and communities to actively participate in the 10th World Water Forum. This forum stands as an invaluable opportunity for collective contributions towards overcoming diverse challenges within the water sector.

In harmony with the spirit of Public Work Service Day, the 10th World Water Forum aspires to champion the cause of "Water for Shared Prosperity." The escalating climate crisis underscores the urgency of addressing water resource availability worldwide.

Let's join hands to ensure the resounding success of the 10th World Water Forum, scheduled for May 18–24, 2024, in Bali. Seize the moment—register here now! Don't miss the chance to collaborate and innovate, paving the way for positive transformations for generations to come.

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