The Indonesian Government Calls for Private Sector’s Participation in the 10th World Water Forum Fair & Expo

The establishment of adequate water infrastructure requires a significant amount of investments. However, the capacity of the financial sector to provide infrastructure financing is limited. Therefore, governments worldwide are exploring innovative means for improved infrastructure development including the participation of the private sector.

in the framework of preparation for the upcoming 10th World Water Forum, the Indonesian government organized a Sponsorship Gathering event to encourage the participation of business entities. This multi-stakeholder collaboration aims to showcase Indonesia's accomplishment in water management to the world.

"We need to promote the contributions of businesses to the development of Indonesia's water sector. Hopefully, the involvement of these stakeholders will further demonstrate Indonesia's success in water resources management," said Mohammad Zainal Fatah, Secretary-General of the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (MPWH).

Attracting private sector participation

Exhibitions and expos are integral parts of the 10th World Water forum. The-exhibitions and trade expositions will serve not only as platforms for participants and the public to collectively discuss solutions to water-related issues, but also as an attraction to add vibrancy to the entire event.

Forty-seven representatives from State-owned Enterprises Karya (BUMN Karya). State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN), and private companies presented during the Sponsorship Gathering event were also invited to showcase their water-related best practices in the 10th World Water Forum's Exhibition and Expo. And their engagement will accordingly make them regarded as organizers of this Forum.

Endra S. Atmawidjaja, Special Advisor to the Minister of MPWH for Technology, Industry, and Environment, highlighted several benefits of the business entities participation in the 10th World Water Forum, namely company branding, opportunities to tap into new markets, networking, and exposure through the numerous media present at this international forum.

The Indonesian government proposed four sponsorship schemes: Earmarked Corporate Sponsorship, Social & Hospitality Event Sponsorship, Convener: Event & Side Event, Parallel event, and Retail Sponsorship. These schemes are open to innovative ideas and various proposals.

Thus far, seven companies and one international organization have agreed on their commitment to supporting the organization of the 10th World Water Forum, namely The World Bank, Google Cloud Indonesia, PT Nindya Karya, Danone Indonesia, Perum Jasa Tirta I, CITIC Envirotech Indonesia, Perum Jasa Tirta II, and PT Moya Indonesia.

Joining the Fair & Expo

The Fair and Expo of the 10th World Water Forum will take place in five strategic area in Bali: Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center, the main venue for the 10th World Water Forum: Bali International Convention Center, located in the center of Nusa Dua; Bali Collection, a tourist hub; Art Bali, a center for arts and culture; and Kuta Beach, a popular destination in Bali.

Exhibitor interested in participating may choose between two types of booths: Raw Space and Standard Booth. Those opting for Raw Space have the opportunity to build their own booths while adhering to the design specifications and guidelines issued by the World Water Forum Secretariat.

For participants interested in contributing to the 10th World Water Forum exhibition, the commercial and non-commercial entities are available in a total of 171 booths. Detailed participation costs for the Fair and Expo of the 10th World Water Forum can be accessed here.

The Indonesian government aims to draw 30,000 attendees from various countries at the 10th World Water Forum, scheduled for May 18-25, 2024, in Bali.

The private sector involvement in this international forum is highly encouraged due to the potential influx of visitors which will present an opportunity to raise awareness on the importance of water issues while building the company's image. 

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