Jakarta and Bali Commit to Create Sustainable Water Management

Jakarta, 15 February 2023 – Two provinces, Special Region of (DKI) Jakarta and Bali stated their support and commitment to guarantee clean water supply by modern water management. Both regions shared the same view that the availability of good quality water resources must be realized in the near future.

Acting Governor of Jakarta, Heru Budi Hartono while attending the Kick-off meeting of the 10th World Water Forum in Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), Jakarta on Wednesday, 15 Feb affirmed that his party has made several efforts to maintain the availability of clean water supply to citizens. These include development of clean piping system, land void prevention, and salt water intrusion prevention.

“Optimization of assets is a significant measure that we carried out on in providing clean water,” he said.

Heru said, the citizen in his region need quality water resources because this region is the capital of economic activities and is one of the most populated cities in the world.

It means, DKI Jakarta province needs a lot of quality water resources to cater for its residence demand. Not to mention that the number of population involved in economics activities in this region reached 3 million people.

“The 3 million people obviously need clean water,” he said.

Meanwhile, on the same occasion, Bali Governor I Wayan Koster revealed that in his region, the custom to preserve the sustainability of clean water has been practiced from generation to generation. There is a local wisdom that requires the preservation of water resources including rivers, lakes, and waterfalls.

This wisdom is strengthened with regulation of local government (Perda) on management of people’s livelihood based on local wisdom value Sad Kerthi in New Era of Bali.

“For Balinese people, water has a local value as Niskala/religion and Sakala. In terms of Sakala/religion, water is used as Tirta (water), for traditional ceremonial purposes, and for self-purification,” said Bali Governor I Wayan Koster.

Bali also has Regulation of Bali Governor Number 24 of 2022 on river spring and sea water protection including Lake Batur, Lake Tamblingan, and Lake Buyan.

Based on this local wisdom, Balinese people have a custom for water management in agriculture systems known as Subak. Subak is an irrigation system that can accommodate socio-technical dynamics of local residents.

“Subak irrigation system is managed with the principles of justice, openness, harmony, and togetherness through a flexible and democratic people’s organization for public interest,” said Kostar.

The 10th World Water Forum meeting is expected to solve 6 problems of water sources in the world. The Six issues are first, water for humans and nature. Second, water for security and prosperity. Third, water for disaster risk reduction and management. Fourth, cooperation and hydro-diplomacy. Fifth, water and innovative finance. Sixth, knowledge and innovation.

The 10th World Water Forum will continue organizing some events as a series of preparatory events towards the summit after the National Stakeholders Forum (NSF) as the 3rd Announcement. The 10th World Water Forum is the largest cross-border forum in the world that focuses on discussing global issues and solutions to address water-related problems. The 10th World Water Forum will be held on 18—24 May 2024 with “Water for Shared Prosperity” as the theme.

The World Water Forum is expected to be the platform for stakeholders from around the world to share their experiences and innovation in responding to various global water management challenges. (Tri/TR/Vira)

Jakarta, February 15, 2023
National Organizing Committee of the 10th World Water Forum
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