Expo & Fair Background

The World Water Forum is the world’s largest water event and it is held every three years. In 2024, Indonesia is elected to be the host country of this prestigious event, the 10th World Water Forum will be held in Bali, Indonesia. Taking its main goal to increase awareness on water issues, The World Water Forum is the most anticipated event which aims to provide platform for all stakeholders to discuss and catalyse concrete ideas for improved water resources management and development; Challenge conventional thinking; and mobilize action by policy and decision-makers on commitments for improved water resources management and development.

For the succession on the 10th World Water Forum, Indonesia as host country will held a series of events with Expo & Fair as one of the main driver to increase involvement of the general public whilst increasing awareness on water issues. The Expo and Fair is a part of the 10th World Water Forum and is designed to provide a platform to connect both visitors and exhibitors.


Focuses: water resources management, smart city, agriculture, livestock, water related disaster risk technology, etc


Focuses: environmental friendly, sustainable products, agriculture, food, etc.


Focuses: clean water & sanitation, agriculture, climate change, etc.