Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When and where’s the Fair and Expo of 10th World Water Forum taking place?

A: 20 May to 25 May 2024 in 5 different official venues (Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center (BNDCC), Bali International Convention Centre (BICC),      Bali Collection, Museum Pasifika and Kuta Beach ) 

Q: How can I participate as an exhibitor? 

A: Visit, navigate to the exhibition section, and follow the registration process

Q: Who can exhibit at the World Water Forum? 

A: Including but not limited to Water management, conservation, technology, research and other related field 

Q: How do I make payments? 

A: To register for the event and, please fill in the inquiry form available on our website. or you can contact our Contact Person for Fair and Expo and they will guide you through the registration and payment procedures. 

Q: Can I showcase my work and network during the expo or fair? 

A: Yes, the expo or fair provides an opportunity to showcase your work, network with attendees, and contribute to water-related discussions. 

Q: Is 10th World Water Forum Fair and Expo open for Public? 

A: Expo requires registration, and access to the exhibition area is generally limited to registered members only. This ensures a focused and            targeted audience with relevant professional interests. while Fair s open to the public. You can visit the exhibition to explore and engage in        discussions about water-related topics, as well as witness the showcasing of various projects, innovations, and solutions related to water 

Q: Are there any specific requirements for exhibitors in terms of booth design 

A: 10th World Water Forum will provide Fair and Expo Exhibitor Manual regarding booth design, materials, and content.