Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How can you join?

Point Registration

  1. You are required to make an account through the website 
  2. Choose program #ShareWaterStories, then fill the form for registration and you will get a confirmation email reply. 
  3. Post your own invitation on Instagram stories and material can be accessed at

Point Submission

  1. When it comes to our submission date (22-29 July 2023), post your content on Instagram Story. 
  2. Make and name a Highlight with "SWS" on your Instagram Profile and make sure your IG account accessible for public up to the announcement has been released. 
  3. Go to our website, then choose youth program. 
  4. Find #ShareWaterStories and fill out the form for submission. 
  5. You have only one chance to submit.

2. Is there any specific theme for the #ShareWaterStories program?

The program centers around water security and prosperity, with the objective of inspiring youth to take action. By inviting them to share their unique stories and imaginative perspectives spanning the past, present, and future, the program aims to foster engagement and motivate youth.

3. When will the #ShareWaterStories program be taken place?

The #ShareWaterStories program will be held online on 22-29 July 2023, allowing you(th) to upload stories with video(s), photo(s), and/or infographic on Instagram Story.

4. Is the program open to the public? 

The program welcomes individual under 35-year old, regardless nationality. 

5. What is the official media account? 

Any information will only be exclusively shared through the official email address of and official Instagram accounts, i.e. @worldwaterforum10, @genmudpupr, and @ecadin_id. The organizers do not take any responsibility for any activities or actions carried out by other email address and official Instagram accounts.

6. What is the status of the commercialization rights for the works produced by selected participants?

The World Water Forum Committee will take the commercialization rights of the works submitted by the selected participants.