Supporting Letters


Wayan Koster 

We have been informed that the World Water Council will hold the 10th international meeting attended by the member countries of World Water Council in 2024. Please allow us to express our support and hope that Indonesia will be chosen to host the World Water Forum and request that the meeting will be held in Bali consideration are follows:

Bali is the island of the Gods as the center of the world civilization, which has wealth and uniqueness of customs and traditions, arts and culture, as well as local wisdom. It has beautiful nature with the hospitality of its people, and has attracted the attention of the world community. 

Bali is a world tourist destination, which has been named as the best destination island in the world in the last 5 (five) years, so the number of foreign tourist visiting Bali is increasing year by year. 

Bali has adequate and quality facilities to hold international standards meetings. The latest international scale meeting held in Bali was the IMF and WBC on October 8-14 which was attended by more than 35,000 participants from 183 countries. It was running very smoothly, comfortably and peacefully. The glorious success has received recognition and appreciation from the IMF President and WB President

We would like to assure you and state that we are ready. If you pleased to choose Indonesia as the host and choose Bali as the venue for the World believe that the meetings will take place in a comfortable, safe, peaceful, smooth and successful manner.

Hopefully if we are chosen as the host, the meeting World Water Forum will make a real contribution to the management and utilization of quality water to meet the basic needs of the humanity throughout the earth. We hereby conclude our points . We would like to thank you and express our gratitude for your attention and understanding

Wayan Koster

Bali Governor