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President Republic of Indonesia


Sustainability of water resources has become a pressing issue for the world. Global water needs have increased sharply, in line with population and industrial growth. Meanwhile, the availability of quality and sustainable water is increasingly difficult due to environmental degradation and climate change.

We must work together to promote efficient and integrated management of water resources as part of our agenda; so that water can be managed and used for common prosperity. Indonesia is very pleased to host the 10th World Water Forum in Bali in 2024 with the World Water Council (WWC). There are many substantial issues to be prepared for this peak event next year; to find solutions, innovations and joint actions for implementation as soon as possible.

In the midst of current population growth and climate change, I would like to emphasize several important agendas that must be prioritized, as follows: water conservation efforts; availability of clean water and sanitation; food and energy security; as well as mitigation of natural disasters such as floods and droughts.

These agendas must be addressed as joint efforts, through community participation and support from various stakeholders, as well as dialogue and partnerships between countries in the spirit of togetherness for the welfare of the global community.

Moreover, these agendas also require a lot of innovations; especially innovative financing which involves government and private sector; technological innovation to manage the need for food and energy consumption, as well as commitment of all parties to contribute and work together.

Ir. Joko Widodo

President Republic of Indonesia