Water for Shared Prosperity

Although it seems ordinary, water is a very important element for human life, in a matter of fact it for every living being, all living organisms require water for their survival. Water is used in many ways by the people, drinking, cooking, washing, leisure, and even studying. Therefore, water availability is a crucial aspect in human life, enough in quantity, in good quality and delivered timely.

People facing different challenges regarding water, some got too little, some has too many, some has too dirty, and some has it in incorrect times.

The climate change issues add diffculties to the already complex problems regarding the water availability. Where extreme precipitation brings too much water in one area and reduce the events in another. Bringing a flash flood that never happened in those area and long drought in another one.

Furthermore, environmental degradation leads to the increased diffculties to obtain clean water. Additionally, the retention area in the upstream lose its ability to delay the run off,  leading to a severe flash flood.

Without a good management and enough compassion to each other, the decreased water availability may lead to many aspects that      reduce our life qualities. Without sustainable water availability the crops harvest will be disturbed, drinking water is not adequate,       sanitation is not well maintained, and even can influence energy sector. Which in the end will thwart prosperity that everybody dream of. Water should be a resource that available to everyone, in the time it needed. Hence, managing water correctly may leads to prosperity   for all, a shared prosperity. The importance of water has a high position in human cultures, we realize that water is essential for human   live since ancient time. From daily consumptions, purifications, conservations, cultivations and so on, even some view water as the live   itself and the source of immortality.

Nowadays, water management often become the main issues in international events and declarations, including the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). The SDG’s put a goal that must be achieved in 2030 to ensure the sustainable living. The importance of water is specially mentioned in the SDG’s number 6, Clean Water and Sanitation for all, where the sub-goal elaborates in detail. In order to achieve those targets, all stakeholders need to works together and understand each other needs. With a good water management, we can achieve prosperity together, and for all.

Water plays central role to achieved shared prosperity. In the 10th World Water Forum, we hope that we can give the societies what its need to  achieve shared prosperities through solving  and  understanding  water related issues.  The stakeholders in water

management can be divided in three main players: people, government, and private sector. People want an easy, inexpensive, and timely access to water, either drinking water, irrigations, raw water, and water for sanitation. The government want to ensure that the public services related to water can be maintained and reach the society, sometimes water can be a political bargain. While the private sector wants to obtain effcient processes in distributing water for a greater profit. Each has its own goals related to the same water, however, all three has a common goal, to achieve prosperity.

The three main players connect to each other, the people need government to provide them water for basic needs with the minimal cost, and turn to the private sector for premium services. The government needs the people as the main source of the income and political influence, however they also need private sector to ease the burden in supplying water to the people. While the private sector needs the people as consumers to their facilities, and needs the government related to the water right and regulation. Hence these three main players will become the key in communicating, solving and sharing the water related issues and knowledge in the 10th World Water Forum with the main topics of Water for Shared Prosperity.