Indonesia Invites the 5th Mediterranean Water Forum Participants to Attend the 10th World Water Forum

The Indonesian Government through the Minister of Public Works and Housing (MPWH), also as the Vice Chairman of the National Organizing Committee (NOC) of the 10th World Water Forum, Basuki Hadimuljono, attended the 5th Mediterranean Water Forum in Tunisia on February 5, 2024. This event marks a significant milestone in the road of the 10th World Water Forum scheduled to be held from 18 to 25 May 2024.

In his address, Minister Basuki appreciates the Tunisian Government for its full support to Indonesia as the host country of the 10th World Water Forum. He emphasized the crucial role that Mediterranean countries play in the regional processes of this international forum.

"Thank you for organizing a forum that aligns with the main theme and 6 sub-themes of the 10th World Water Forum, especially in efforts to find solutions to water scarcity, innovative water financing, technology transfer, and capacity building in water management," said Minister Basuki.

Prepares the Ministerial Declaration

The Indonesian Government, through the Ministry of PUPR, in collaboration with the World Water Council, is currently preparing the Ministerial Declaration. This declaration was previously discussed at the 1st Preparatory Meeting at the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, France, at the end of January 2024.

This declaration will be a crucial document that combines collective commitments from various countries, including Mediterranean regions. This declaration aims to generate commitments to tangible actions and innovative solutions related to the Tunis Declaration agreed upon at the 5th Mediterranean Water Forum.

In the Ministerial Declaration, discussions regarding the 6 sub-themes of the 10th World Water Forum are agreed upon, encompassing water security and well-being, water for people and nature, disaster risk reduction and management, governance, cooperation and hydro-diplomacy, sustainable water financing, and knowledge and innovation.

Join the 10th World Water Forum

Minister Basuki expressed openness to feedbacks from the 5th Mediterranean Water Forum, particularly regarding the critical issues of the Tunis Declaration. Furthermore, all these assessments will be considered in refining the first draft of the Ministerial Declaration and will be discussed at the 2nd Preparatory Meeting on March 28-29, 2024, in Paris.

At the same time, Minister Basuki also invited delegates attending the 5th Mediterranean Water Forum to actively participate in the forthcoming 10th World Water Forum. According to the Minister, the 10th World Water Forum is a discussion platform that will forge commitments from countries worldwide to enhance water sustainability.

"Starting from The 5th Mediterranean Water Forum, we hope that the upcoming 10th World Water Forum scheduled for May 2024 will be an excellent platform for sharing knowledge and experiences in water resource management and strengthening the commitment of the global water community," said Minister Basuki.

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