Weather Modification Technology to Address Climate and Weather Impacts in 2023

During the Focused-Group Discussion (FGD) which was conducted at the Directorate General of Natural Resources Office in Jakarta on 14 February 2023, BMKG conveyed the possibility of an El Nino happening in 2023. Even though the forecasted El-Nino escalation will fall into the weak category, which has the possibility for less rainfall, Indonesia’s climate and weather will be different from 2022. Several Indonesian regions may face drought during the dry season, which will have an effect on a number of sectors including agricultural production, the supply of raw water, and forest and land fires.

Several agencies present in the FGD responded to the forecasts made by the BMKG regarding their preparedness to deal with the climate and weather conditions in 2023. The National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN), which took part in the FGD, prepared itself with technologies and human resources (HR) owned, including by utilizing Weather Modification Technology (TMC) to deal with the impacts of climate and extreme weather.

To maintain the availability of water in irrigation and hydropower reservoirs, BRIN has established communication with several reservoir managers, such as the Brantas DAS, Cascade Citarum, and Lake Toba reservoir managers, to conduct TMC operations to prepare for a water shortage in the 2023 dry season. The purpose of TMC is to maximize the process of the rain on the clouds that developed around the reservoir. It is anticipated that TMC-induced rain will be more intense than rain that occurs naturally without TMC intervention. As a result, more water should be produced. TMC in a number of reservoirs will be conducted throughout the transitional period when the reservoir’s capacity is still adequate and there are still potential clouds that are suitable for seeding.

In the context of preventing and controlling land and forest fires, BRIN has worked together with the Peat and Mangrove Restoration Agency (BRGM) to execute TMC activities with the purpose of wetting peatlands. The Ministry of Environment and Forestry and BRGM have been working together since 2021 to prevent land and forest fires. This cooperation will proceed to anticipate the impacts of extreme climate and weather in 2023.

The BMKG forecasted that the climate and weather in 2023 could affect drought in numerous areas, increasing the likelihood of forest and land fires (Karhutla). With its outstanding human resources and TMC, BRIN is prepared to play a role and support BNPB in its efforts to put an end to Karhutla in the event that events repercussions related to Karhutla worsen.

This is a description of BRIN's preparedness and participation plans in dealing with the effects of extreme climate and weather in Indonesia in 2023. BRIN is ready to collaborate with various agencies to implement TMC.

Additional information:

In addition to Weather Modification Technology, BRIN also intensively conducts research and innovation in the management of water resource, water treatment technology, and environmental quality monitoring technology.

Research and innovation in water resources management include conservation of water resources (protection of water sources, including surface, ground, and underground water), landscape conservation for improving the hydrological cycle’s quality (increasing absorption and reducing surface water runoff); smart water management system or intelligent system for managing water resources using information technology, and continued with Decision Support System (DSS).

Water treatment technology includes wastewater treatment, clean water treatment, and drinking water or ready-to-drink water treatment. Environmental quality monitoring technology is developed online and in real-time. It has so far been widely utilized to keep track of the water quality in rivers, lakes, and effluents from Domestic Wastewater Management Installation (Abdul).

Jakarta, February 15, 2023
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