2nd National Stakeholder Forum

Jakarta – The Government of Indonesia held the National Stakeholders Forum as the 2nd Announcement for the World Water Forum (WWF) 2024 at the national level at the Auditorium of the Ministry of PUPR, Thursday (11/8/2022). This event aims to prepare the establishment of the 10th WWF National Committee in Bali and to discuss the determination of themes and sub-themes for the implementation of World Water Forum 2024 for Indonesia.

 Minister of Public Works and  Housing (PUPR) Basuki Hadimuljono said, with this 2nd  Announcement, I hope all stakeholders can communicate and consolidate themselves. “World Water Forum is not an activity of the Ministry of PUPR, but the Government of Indonesia and relevant stakeholders. All decisions will be discussed with all stakeholders inclusively,” said Minister Basuki.

This 2nd Announcement invites stakeholders, such as experts, academics, professional associations, BUMN, business/private entities, media, and communities, to NGOs. In addition, it also actively involves the younger generation to participate in formulating the theme and substance of better water resources management.

 Minister Basuki said WWF is the largest platform for communities engaged in water resources, including the government, experts/academics, professional associations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), communities, business/private entities, and state-owned enterprises, to students/young generations.

 The 10th  WWF, which carries the theme “Water for Shared Prosperity,” aims to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) agenda and ensure clean water and sanitation availability and sustainable management by 2030.

 As the biggest festival in water resources, Minister Basuki targets as many as one hundred thousand participants/visitors, 12 heads of state, and 56 ministers to attend the 10th  WWF in Bali. “This is not ambitious, but we saw when they chose Bali yesterday. The attractiveness of implementing WWF in Bali will be very high. One hundred thousand people will gather for a week in Bali. Of course, this will stimulate our economy,” said Minister Basuki.

 Minister Basuki also emphasized that WWF is not just a work agenda from the Ministry of PUPR but is a national agenda. Hence, it requires participation from all elements to make its implementation successful.

 “WWF is not a professional organization but a platform for all communities engaged in water resources. So that all components of society who manage water resources will voice their ideas and interests in WWF,” explained Minister Basuki.

 Collaboration across Ministries/Institutions, Agencies, and all relevant stakeholders is needed to show the seriousness of Indonesia as the host country in the implementation of WWF 2024.

 “This sub-theme will be discussed carefully, and there is one thing we need to underline. We have to involve all elements of society,” said Arie Setiadi Moerwanto, Main Engineer of the Directorate General of Water Resources

Ministry of Public Works and Housing.

 Accompanying Minister Basuki, the Secretary General of the Ministry of PUPR Mohammad Zainal Fatah, Director General of Human Settlements Diana Kusumastuti, Director General of Public Works and Housing Infrastructure Financing Herry Trisaputra Zuna, Expert Staff to the Minister (SAM) for Economics and Investment Dadang Rukmana, and PUPR SAM Technology, Industry and Environment Endra S. Atmawidjaja.


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