The 10th World Water Forum will serve as a unique platform for collaboration and long-term progress in addressing global water challenges between the water communities and key decision-makers.

Indonesia, as co-host, will lead the discussion by exploring innovative solutions to water-related challenges, primarily through a focus on the Forum’s six subthemes, namely: Water Security and Prosperity; Water for Humans and Nature; Disaster Risk Reduction and Management; Governance, Cooperation and Hydro-diplomacy; Sustainable Water Finance; and Knowledge and Innovation.

As part of the national, regional, and international effort to address water-related issues, as well as the triple planetary crisis of pollution, climate change, and biodiversity loss, a stronger collaboration between government and other water-related stakeholders is imperative.

Therefore, the Forum can be utilized to marshal concrete deliverables relevant to the advancement of water solutions for the benefit of all.

Proposal: Call for a Compendium of Water and Sanitation Projects

A compendium of concrete water and/or sanitation projects, initiatives, and collaborations will be manifested to ensure sound policy-making and lasting commitment to water solutions, and to ensure the implementation of the Ministerial Declaration of the 10th World Water Forum. The concrete projects, initiatives, and collaborations for water and sanitation will be actionable and impactful to drive progress on the achievement of SDG 6, as well as the global water agenda.

The water and sanitation projects, initiatives, and collaborations should be quantifiable (value, percentage change, impact on population and growth, etc), achievable, transparent, and specific in addressing water and sanitation problems identified in their respective areas.

Additionally, the Compendium will highlight projects, initiatives, and collaborations related to water management, infrastructure, and other water-related projects, including sharing best practices and knowledge of scalable and replicable actions. New, existing, or expanded/scaled-up projects, initiatives, and collaborations could also be submitted.

The projects, initiatives, and collaborations in the Compendium should reflect the following parameters :

  1. Inclusive Process and Participation
    • Shall apply an inclusive process and participation towards water and sanitation solutions.
    • Involve countries, international organizations, private sector, local communities, and the broader international communities related to water.
    • Open-ended and broad participation, including in the form of government-to-government, business-to-business and/or Public Private Partnerships.
  2. Added Value and Impactful
    • The proposed projects, initiatives, and collaborations should have direct impacts to ensure the availability and equitable distribution of clean and safe water and sanitation for current and future generations as well as to support the achievement of SDGs.
  3. Voluntary Submission
    • Participation and contribution by countries and partners on specific concrete projects, initiatives, and collaborations will be on a voluntary basis and can be developed or built up further.
    • Proponents should ensure sustainability of the proposed concrete projects/initiatives/collaborations.


The Compendium is an Annex to the Ministerial Declaration, and seeks to mobilize sustainable action and collaboration between countries, as well as promote partnerships with other water related stakeholders.


The host country will take the lead in facilitating, collecting, curating and finalizing a list of concrete projects, initiatives, and collaborations. An indicative list of the proposed projects, initiatives, and collaborations will be compiled in a non-exhaustive manner and updated on a regular basis.

Call for Submission

Indonesia welcomes all countries, international organizations, private sector, and other potential partners to actively participate their commitments in the implementation of actionable water and sanitation projects, initiatives and collaborations. An online submission could be made through official website at The online registration will be available until 18 April 2024.

For further information please contact Mr. Mohammad Irfan Saleh/Ms. Fransiska Dini Ambarsari/Ms. Prima Nindya Mahroza at email:

Compendium Submission Form